About Expedition 2012:

Paddling Forward, Giving Back

To live for a summer in a world largely unstructured and shaped only by nature itself... this is an adventure few are privileged to know. The Keewaydin foundation offers this experience at each of its three summer camps: Keewaydin Temagami (Ontario, Canada), Keewaydin Dunmore (Salisbury, Vermont), and Songadeewin of Keewaydin (Salisbury, Vermont). Through these programs, Keewaydin builds strong, independent character while exposing young men and women to a bygone lifestyle. ( No sitting back in a hot tub at your favourite timeshare resort here!). Since 1893, Keewaydin has withstood the temptation of change, holding firm to what is dear of the past and leaving it untouched. Keewaydin's simplicity and special link to the undisturbed wilderness set our programs apart from traditional camp experiences. This is the Keewaydin Way.

Expedition 2012 is an effort to support the Keewaydin Foundation in its ongoing mission to preserve the Keewaydin Way and extend its benefits to an ever-greater range of today’s youth. To accomplish this goal, Expedition 2012 is committed to the establishment of a new scholarship endowment for the Keewaydin Foundation. As a platform for this fundraising effort, Expedition 2012 will use an extended wilderness canoe trip, a tradition that is central to Keewaydin’s unique heritage. This trip will paddle 1,200 miles over the course of 65 days. It will venture from Keewaydin Dunmore (Salisbury, VT) to the James Bay via Keewaydin Temagami (Ontario, Canada) in wood and canvas boats hand-crafted by the expedition members. During the course of this project, expedition members are additionally dedicated to environmental advocacy towards the preservation of the wilderness we hold dear.